When life changes, the Court Orders, that once served you and your family well, may also need to change.

Helping You Modify Custody and Support Orders

The Law Offices of Larry H. Tatum, P.C. represent individuals in all child custody,  visitation and child support matters, from divorce to modifications and enforcement of court orders. In most cases, modifications are only granted when there has been a significant change in circumstances in your family after a divorce or judgment has been made.  These types of changes may include:

  • Income adjustments
  • A parent moves, making visitation difficult
  • A parent gets a new job or work schedule
  • A parent becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol
  • A teenager expresses a strong preference to change households and it is in the child's best interest.
  • A child becomes enrolled in a different school district
  • New family dynamics

When you have been faced with a change like those listed above, the Law Offices of Larry H. Tatum, P.C. can help you petition the court to modify your custody, visitation or support order.

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