Civil cases are generally those actions which fall outside of the criminal arena.  Often civil cases tend to be torts (negligence, intentional “wrongs”) or deal with contracts.  Whether someone or a business has damaged you or your property or is alleging that you have done something against them, someone owes you money or if there is a dispute involving a contract, it is critical that you contact an experienced civil law attorney.  Once a lawsuit has been filed and served, there is a short window to properly answer and defend the suit.  Quite often, a person finds themselves with no recourse after a default judgment has been entered.  It is critical that you immediately contact an experienced civil attorney if you are served with a lawsuit or if you have a case against another.  The Law Offices of Larry H. Tatum, P.C. is ready to assist in a wide variety of civil law areas, regardless if litigation is necessary or is preventable.

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