Don't let a drug charge jeopardize your future.

Although some states have decriminalized marijuana possession, it is still illegal in Georgia.  There are serious penalties even for a small amount, and getting caught with an ounce or more is a felony crime.

While one may be charged with a misdemeanor for small amounts (under one ounce), marijuana can still show up on background checks and have devastating consequences. It is common for someone to get charged by merely being a passenger in a car where marijuana is found.

The Law Office of Larry H. Tatum, P.C. is qualified to minimize the consequences of a marijuana charge. Often times, a client may qualify for a pretrial diversion program to keep the arrest restricted from appearing on their record. Mr. Tatum is a qualified trial lawyer who will do what is necessary to pursue the best possible outcome for your situation and your future.

If you or your child are facing a marijuana charge, you should seek legal representation immediately.

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