Don't let a drug charge jeopardize your future.

Some people shrug off marijuana as a harmless drug, and make the same mistake about criminal charges of possession of marijuana.  While some states have decriminalized marijuana possession, Georgia has not.  There are serious penalties even for a small amount, and getting caught with an ounce or more is a felony crime.

Marijuana is the only illegal drug that is charged as a misdemeanor for small amounts (under one ounce).  But a conviction can still have harsh penalties which may include:

  • Automatic driver's license suspension ( if driving involved )
  • Fines, probation and community service
  • Drug evaluation or treatment
  • Possible jail time
  • Loss of HOPE scholarship (free college tuition)

Our office will make every effort to avoid these consequences for you.  Some clients may qualify for a diversion program to keep the conviction restricted from appearing on their record.  If not eligible, we will work to mitigate the punishment or take the case to trial.

If drugs are found in a car full of people, officers commonly charge all occupants with constructive possession.  Without solid representation, an accused faces serious consequences, even if just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Mr. Tatum is a skilled trial lawyer who will take your case to a jury if necessary.  He looks at every facet of the investigation and arrest.  Were the traffic stop, search and seizure lawfully conducted?  Can authorities connect the drugs specifically to you?  You need experienced criminal defense if facing any drug charge.

If you or your son or daughter were arrested for marijuana, it must be taken very seriously.

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