Your child not only needs love and care to develop into a healthy and happy adult, but also needs financial support.

Helping You Provide Your Child With The Financial Support Needed to Flourish

Whether you are seeking child support or you have been ordered to pay support, the Law Offices of Larry H. Tatum, P.C. can assist you. In Georgia, child support is determined by state child support guidelines.  While the guidelines include many factors that the court takes into consideration when determining amounts, the calculations can vary depending on the unique circumstances of the case and ultimately what is in the best interests of the child.

The Court will take several factors into consideration when awarding child support, including (but not exclusive to):

  • Income of each parent
  • Family size (number of other minor children)
  • Child care and educational costs
  • Pre-existing support orders
  • Health insurance payment
  • Travel considerations

Mr. Tatum is determined to help make sure your support judgment is ultimately in the best interests of your child, while ensuring that your unique financial circumstances are considered.

The Law Offices of Larry H. Tatum, P.C. will work with you to explain the issues and criteria that the Court may look at in addition to the child support guidelines.  This will help you to determine the amount of child support that you may receive or pay.

Our office can help you understand your legal rights and take the appropriate steps  toward establishing child support, modification of orders around your child support order or holding a nonpaying parent in contempt.

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